The Tutorial Is Too Hard

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Manga

The Tutorial Is Too Hard is a manhwa that is Created by Gandara. It is published on Naver Webtoon (Korean) as well as Webtoon (English). Its first chapter was published on the Korean Naver website on DEC 15, 2021. Son Jae Ho’s past works include Webtoons Nblesse, Noblesse: Rai’s Adventure, and Ability. The series is currently ongoing with updates every Saturday.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Manhwa

Lee Ho Jae was once a successful Professional Gamer. After his Gaming Career came to an sudden halt, he stayed home all day long with nothing to look forward to in his life. One day in his usual boring mundane life, a message appeared, inviting him to a Tutorial: [Will you enter the Tutorial World?] He accepted and just happened to choose the hardest possible difficulty: … Hell. This is a tale about Lee Ho Jae’s escape from the Tutorial.

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